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SARS needs to be fixed

It is amazing how much damage was done to SARS during the time of Tom Moyane.  He was suspended by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 19 March 2018 and we now hear that SARS missed its most recent revenue collection target by R14,6 billion.  In other words, the estimate as to how much tax they would collect and on which the budget is based was missed by R14,6 billion!  VAT refunds have a massive backlog and apparently, and nobody seems to be sure of this, this has been going on for a while, try and make it look more like SARS had actually reached its various targets.  There are a lot of people in the country, especially in some of the upmarket golf estates, who seem to pay little or no tax at all and cheat in every way they can and SARS and the government will need to tackle that and start getting those people paying the right amount of tax.  The bottom line is that SARS had some disastrous years during which it has been completely mismanaged and there will not be any quick fix for it, but I do think they need a lot more sophisticated computer systems. If people buy a property there should be paperwork relating to what their income is, if people buy fancy motorcars they should have to complete documentation because there are way too many people in South Africa who just are not paying their fair share of tax at the moment.   

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Wanika  said:
on Tuesday 11-Jun-19 04:35 PM
I agree that SARS is in desperate need of a complete overhaul in terms of technology and the training and management of its staff. Government institutions can function properly as long as there is a desire to do so, as well as serious consequences for failing to fulfill their mandate.

cornelie  said:
on Tuesday 11-Jun-19 03:22 PM
Lets hope the long run it will be sorted and a new system in place will resolve the problem.

Ruby  said:
on Thursday 06-Jun-19 12:38 PM
Let’s hope the appointment of the new Commissioner will bring the change we are all looking forward to. Non-compliance is a huge problem here and globally; so we need better data and systems to improve compliance...

Tersia  said:
on Wednesday 05-Jun-19 09:16 AM
That is ridiculous, but not surprising at all. It's the way this country operates that these type of things are happening. It should start by fixing the initial problem who started all of this in this first place.

Sinead  said:
on Tuesday 04-Jun-19 12:40 PM
That is a lot of money they will soon expect us frequent, loyal taxpayers to cover in some way or other. How do people evade tax? How do they get away with that on an annual basis? It truly boggles my mind...
Someone with a clear conscience needs to come in and create a system that works. But how do you keep track of all the citizens who need to pay tax?

Daniella  said:
on Tuesday 04-Jun-19 12:12 PM
If management in all government institutions can change and have a proper structure and strict management then things will look better but currently I have no hope in government run institutions.

Shristi  said:
on Sunday 02-Jun-19 07:07 PM
I think that if SARS upgrades their systems and is properly managed they would be able to run more efficiently.

Ashleigh  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 09:33 AM
Obviously it boils down to who is managing these sort of places. I really can never understand SARS and how they work out their figures and what people should be owing SARS and what should be paid back.

Jolene   said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 08:22 AM
R14.6 billion is a lot of money. SARS needs better management and better systems to reduce tax evasion.

Thabitha  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:15 AM
If the management is bad then the services is bad too or even worse, the biggest problem about people they want to be monitored all the time and lately everyone wants a salary not the job.

Zindy  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 07:55 AM
I think they need more staff that are educated to work in such a revenue service because this ultimately effects our whole country.I do hope they upgrade their systems or find a way to make it work to avoid further damage.

Helen  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 07:44 AM
SARS - government institution, not surprise. There is no strict approach to public and no penalties. The Public service is shocking and there is no system in place.
It is very sad to hear this, new government has to concentrate on fixing problems immediately.

candice  said:
on Monday 27-May-19 04:29 PM
I agree every government facility we have here gives terrible service, i don't think it will change anytime soon, But i hope for the near future we get better service.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Monday 27-May-19 02:46 PM
SARS just needs better management that is all.

Michelle D  said:
on Friday 24-May-19 09:05 AM
SARS really does need a makeover, bad management and governance has lead to a massive exodus of extremely competent, innovative people leaving for greener pastures. Quite a few people I have met used to work at SARS, some were even integral to creating the programs that they currently use, but bad management is enough to drive anyone away.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Thursday 23-May-19 10:04 AM
This is a clear indication of great mismanagement. The bigger question is how did we let it get this far?? Let's hope it gets fixed within the near future.

Natasha  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 09:11 AM
We pay so much TAX and then the people working with it doesnt even know what they are doing and now there is a backlog who knows how long its going to take before its back on track.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 08:18 AM
I agree with Brumilde on this one, true words!

brumilde  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 07:38 AM
They need to update their system, as well as train their staff. I think more and more people only want tot trade in cash, in order to hide from the tax man. Should the working class be working to keep the others afloat. Is there again corruption in SARS and were they working with someone else

Brenda Du Toit   said:
on Monday 20-May-19 04:48 PM
I agree with Clare all the Government places give bad Customer Services to clients and they never willing to help.

Clare  said:
on Monday 20-May-19 04:43 PM
I think all Government institutions like SARS and HOMEAFAIRS and UIF need to be Fixed the Systems are not good at all. I think Customer Services in these places are very bad and I really feel that Tea time is all the time at these places. I have not had a good Experience with one of them.

Megan  said:
on Monday 20-May-19 09:17 AM
It is extremely unfair how much tax some pay verses other individuals, the whole matter is handled very poorly and needs to be sorted ASAP. The fact that people aren't paying as they should is such a bad reflection on the country and our system, them getting away with it!

Joyce  said:
on Thursday 16-May-19 04:58 PM
It sounds like SARS has lost lots on money, hopefully the problem would be attended to and be fixed in the near future.

Bianca N  said:
on Thursday 16-May-19 10:17 AM
SARS has been so badly mismanaged, this is going to take years to be fixed, and that is only if they appoint competent people,

Zandelee  said:
on Thursday 16-May-19 08:18 AM
These days we also see a lot of small businesses,like bars ect who have cash only signs and in this way they also try and avoid paying high tax.

Tamaryn  said:
on Wednesday 15-May-19 04:51 PM
SARS needs new management and better technology. It cant be acceptable that the Service in charge of collecting a country's revenue uses outdated systems and software and does not invest in upgrading their technology as a matter of course.

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 15-May-19 08:49 AM
I feel that their computer systems need to be updated, they need to have better programs to help them make sure people are paying their fair share of tax. It is unfair that some people pay lots of tax and others pay less tax.

Jadine Richards  said:
on Wednesday 15-May-19 08:31 AM
Yes, the interview with Mmamathe Makhekhe was an absolute disaster and I suppose it adequeately reflects the technological standards at SARS. That being said, SARS has many competent staff and I think that all they need is the right leadership to bring them back on track. With a no nonsense person at the helm they should be able to get back into shape in no time.

Liz  said:
on Tuesday 14-May-19 04:58 PM
It is definitely related to the technological systems at SARS. It was clear in the SABC interview with SARS chief officer for digital and IT, Mmamathe Makhekhe that there is a major problem and that it needs to be attended to.

Kathryn  said:
on Tuesday 14-May-19 03:30 PM
Time will tell whether the appointment of the new SARS commissioner, Edward Kieswetter's will make a positive change to any of the issues that SARS faces.

Jessica M  said:
on Tuesday 14-May-19 12:56 PM
This is no surprise to me. There are so many people that I have heard about not paying their taxes. It is really not managed well and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. The average Joe is busy paying what they can and the others that can really afford more don't pay. They just best not mess up my tax returns.

Sarah  said:
on Tuesday 14-May-19 12:40 PM
This government is doing a lot of things wrong, How do you miss 14.6 billion ? I agree that they should start paying tax but the people don't want to pay tax because its going in the government packets.

Courtney  said:
on Tuesday 14-May-19 12:40 PM
All of this bad news and behaviour is so exhausting! Hope all goes well and this get's sorted A.S.A.P

patrick  said:
on Monday 13-May-19 04:58 PM
Things are changing with Ramaphosa. All will be well. They will collect enough.

Alexis  said:
on Monday 13-May-19 02:18 PM
Tax evasion is such a real thing and I am only guessing to say that it happens more than one can even imagine. Even the simplest business owner makes and finds a way to avoid having to pay too much tax ie cash deals etc.

Nut that is a lot of moola that has been lost by SARS - and as you say, it will take some time, but lets hope they manage to set it right

Fikile  said:
on Monday 13-May-19 11:09 AM
The is so many things that the government is doing wrong and yes that is leading to many people not wanting to pay tax because the money that most people pay tax with is being wasted on things that don't help other people. Some of it is being use in prison and most of the people that come out want to go back to prison because they have the same life as outside only difference is the is no television or any parties and stuff that most people do outside all they have is walls to keep them inside. I don't understand why we have to pay tax because half of the things that we are paying for are not being met or being done.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Monday 13-May-19 09:22 AM
You make a very good point. So many things are technologically interrelated, if they can have everything interrelated SARS will know what cars you own and what income you receive without you having to declare it - because this is where the problem lies - people are not honest because everyone wants to save where they can and no-one bats an eye when lying to SARS, because who will know? There are serious consequences but without being caught, those consequences serve no purpose.


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