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Eyes and getting older

I’ve had glasses for a few years and I was told then that you needed to upgrade the strength of the glasses every one or two years.  I did not until recently.  I was getting to a point where I was struggling to see, even with my current pair of glasses.  Changing the lenses, which cost a fortune, has really changed things rather dramatically for me.  It is amazing how parts of your body start failing you at what you consider as a relatively young age, and how we all just have to accept those types of things.  The funny thing is you can fairly easily choose yourself some cheap glasses at the airport and they will work just perfectly, but once you put yourself in the hands of optometrists that need to run tests on you and everything else they can do, and by the time they are finished you end up with pretty much the same glasses, but at literally 30 times the cost of just buying a pair of cheapies off the shelf.  

I do also end up having to buy those cheapies off the shelf, because I have arrived more than once at the airport without my glasses and I have reached that stage where if I don’t have my glasses certain documents are completely illegible to me, especially later in the afternoon or early evening.  In the morning, when my eyes are fresh I can see them, but later I cannot.  

I must say, I don’t know if there is such a thing as growing old “gracefully” but I will say I am growing old on the “I don’t care” basis.  In other words, if wearing glasses is what it takes to see something I honestly am going to wear glasses and could not care what it looks like.  I guess I am only a few years away from getting that open top sports car which seems to be what most middle-aged men try and pretend that they are not in fact aging while slowly driving up and down the streets of Parkhurst.  So many of them would look so much better if they spend some of that money perhaps on a hair transplant and did just a touch more work in the gym because nothing is going to get past the extra 30 kgs they are carrying on their stomach and the Ferrari or fancy Porsche might work for some people, but putting a bit of effort into the body might do even more!

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Joyce  said:
on Wednesday 19-Jun-19 04:49 PM
I think it is important to protect eye sight, I would just wear glasses and ignore criticism.

cornelie  said:
on Tuesday 11-Jun-19 03:27 PM
I'm wearing classes every day and it is annoying going for check-ups I need to go every year as my eyes are so weak. We need to look after our bodies while we still young. My grandad is turning 90 this year and he is as healthy as a horse because he lifted his life and looked after his wellbeing.

Wanika  said:
on Friday 07-Jun-19 04:58 PM
I've worn reading glasses since high school and it's never really bothered me. Being able to read without getting a terrible headache and blurred vision is much more important than looking stylish, in my opinion.

Ruby  said:
on Thursday 06-Jun-19 11:24 AM

“In other words, if wearing glasses is what it takes to see something I honestly am going to wear glasses and could not care what it looks like.”
Yep, I am on the same page here. Could not be bothered about people’s opinions in this regard..

Daniella  said:
on Wednesday 05-Jun-19 12:22 PM
My eye sight has always been terrible- I tried to manage without glasses for a very long while until I finally tested my eyes and what a life changer that has been.

Tersia  said:
on Wednesday 05-Jun-19 09:31 AM
It probably also comes from your genes. My whole family has a bit of a problem with vision and at some age we all have to get glasses. My problem is seeing far and to see when driving at night, I can't for the life of me read anything that is not right in front of my face. It becomes quite a problem and I always tell myself to wear my glasses more often, but never do. One day I will really be regretting this decision.

Sinead  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 04:43 PM
I have always had excellent vision. The working world doesn't allow that for very long though. Sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, months on end and then still watch TV or the big screen after all of that is what causes our eye sight to deteriorate. It's quite frustrating really. And I wish it was the opposite - by working on all these things, our eye sight should get stronger, because we are in a way training our eyes.
The next generation will have the same problem but worse. Unless their genes change so much that they adapt better? It will be interesting to see.

Henrietta  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 09:14 AM
A lot of people today wear glasses even from a young age. I know of quite a few kids that wears glasses. I don't see anything wrong with it in fact some people look sassy wearing glasses, my eyes are still very good. I have to agree that gowing old does change you body in a lot of ways especially when I look at my husband's grandfather who's turning 91 in July. He seems so young at heart but he's old. A shoulder ache for us is nothing we complain drink a pill and it;'s gone compare to the aches he has it just doesn't stop paining.

Helen  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 08:28 AM
I can only say that I am blessed to have strong eyes, I never worn glasses in my life before and really hope that will not wear them for some time. Yes I am getting older and I agree age changing lots of things in your body. I agree with investing money in yourself: eat healthy, exercise more and maintain health! All will help on the longer run!

Shristi  said:
on Sunday 02-Jun-19 07:24 PM
I was just recently told that I need to wear glasses when driving at night and working on the computer or watching TV. I still am to get a pair of glasses as I still am in denial that my eyesight is deteriorating. Guess I should just get me these glasses!

Dasanya  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 05:51 PM
I am fortunate that I do not have to wear glasses however I do not see a problem with having to wear glasses. If it takes a bit of help to improve ones abilities than I am all for that. It is important to look after ones health and body from a young age because only as you get older will you realise how certain choices affect your health and body.

Ashleigh  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 09:54 AM
Unfortunately I was not blessed with great eye sight since young and there was a phase in high school where I refused to wear glasses because I was embarrassed This seemed to affect it even more from all the strain. If you need to wear glasses, I suggest you do because you will just deteriorate your eye sight even more. There are nice glasses nowadays you can wear and unfortunately at a very costly expense. I also looked into the contact lens side of things and my optometrist said that this wouldn't be good for my eye's but I can wear them from time to time and will do so on special occasions.

Zandelee  said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 04:08 PM
Its quite sad how school children who has to wear glasses from a young age are bullied by their peers and called nerds or geeks. My nephew even one day came home from school refusing to wear his glasses due to children at school bullying him.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 07:50 AM
It's true what Liz says, people are scared of aging, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

Zindy  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:40 AM
I feel blessed i have never needed glasses before, i have friends that do wear glasses and wow they are actually very costly. I mean you paying plus minus six thousand rand for a decent pair and its something you need, its not that its a luxury or a fashion item. Its very expensive for those who wear glasses that really need them.

Thabitha  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:38 AM
When we are young we must be grateful and thankful of what God has given to us because the older you get you come to realize that other people wen't so lucky to be given a vision it is a small thing but it affect person's life.

Liz  said:
on Tuesday 28-May-19 04:51 PM
It is interesting to see how some people are absolutely terrified of aging. As if one's whole life is measured by how young you look. I think people should just enjoy the hopefully more relaxed time in their life.

candice  said:
on Monday 27-May-19 04:25 PM
Iv never had to wear glasses but i see the older i get its harder to see on the Computer and i get headaches so i think i should start wearing them.

Sarah  said:
on Monday 27-May-19 03:24 PM
I think as you grow m you realize what is important in life. What people think of you is not none of them. I have being wearing glasses since a young age and it does not bother me at ll. This is what happens with your eyes as you grow older . As you age, the lens inside your eye begins to harden, which makes it more difficult for your eyes to focus. Changes related to aging can also cause your eyes to become drier, particularly if you are a woman who has gone through menopause.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Monday 27-May-19 02:41 PM
I realised recently that I need glasses, especially when driving at night.
When I was younger I use to wear glasses to read but when I got to High school I did not need them anymore…So I guess I need them again.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 24-May-19 04:26 PM
I think as a person gets older, the actions of our youth starts to reflect and impact how we age. If a person has always taken their health and fitness seriously they are less likely to be the overweight 50 something squeezing into the Porsche.

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Friday 24-May-19 12:27 PM
I can relate to this blog! Strange how there are so many reasons as to why you need to get the more expensive and special pair! I started wearing glasses about a year ago after going through life without needing glasses. I only need it for the PC but I started noticing if I watch a movie in another language and need subtitles then I need to put my glasses on. They definitely have deteriorated even more. I definitely need a second pair to leave at the office because my entire word comes crashing down if I leave them at home! I literally have to zoom into everything on my PC and not to mention the terrible headache I have at the end of the day.

Fikile  said:
on Friday 24-May-19 09:55 AM
I don't wear glasses so i don't know how it's like to not see clearly without them. But i never underestimate the people that read with glasses because to me the see the words far better.

Michelle D  said:
on Friday 24-May-19 09:22 AM
Lots of people put in a lot work to try and look as young as possible. This is fueled by companies making profits from convincing people that being old is bad. Being old is a fact and it's not a bad thing! My parents just celebrated their 60th birthday, both of whom have properly beat me in half marathons quite recently. They climb mountains every other month and love their life because they finally have the time and money to do everything they've wanted. We shouldn't worry so much about wearing glasses and getting old, you're 100% going to get old, you just need to enjoy your life while you can.

Victoria  said:
on Thursday 23-May-19 12:56 PM
I wear glasses, probably been wearing glasses for two years now. I was only supposed to wear mine to see far at night to judge the distance between cars and objects but now I wear mine all the time. I definitely have noticed my eyes are worse now then they were.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Thursday 23-May-19 10:14 AM
I've had to wear glasses since the age of 13. I don't mind it at all. It makes a worlds difference. I hate having to squint when looking at a screen or TV and to be fair, some people wish they had to wear glasses as its become an accessory to an outfit these days.

Bianca N  said:
on Thursday 23-May-19 09:11 AM
I have a terrible habit of forgetting my glasses at home and coming to work. I think we tend to take these things (Like good eyesight) for granted until it starts failing you. The fact that some people can just walk around without needing any kind of help to see really just blows my mind.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 22-May-19 09:03 AM
I think to grow old 'gracefully' is to just accept that the inevitable will happen whether or not you like it. There are and will be ailments that need to be attended to and it will all depend on how one composes themselves when you reach that point.

patrick  said:
on Wednesday 22-May-19 08:10 AM
I have also noticed that with my eyes. thanks for the free advice of the cheap ones. I will try them.

Megan  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 04:00 PM
The same as Sandra but I drive with my glasses as well. Sadly as soon as I get to the office they come off, even though the purpose of them is mainly for the computer screen, glasses are very irritating to me. Plus I care a lot about the look of them and regret my frame choice.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 01:45 PM
We also have to take genetics into consideration as well as our daily lifestyles. I, for one, have to wear specially-designed glasses because my eyes see the reflection rates on electronic devices' screens. If I try to read with these glasses everything blurs because they are designed with one purpose in mind. My husband, on the other hand, wears glasses because of injured eyes from working on CRT monitors with his dad when he was younger. It is interesting how one small part of the body can dysfunction in so many different ways. The human body will always fascinate me - perhaps that is why I enjoy medical negligence so much.

Courtney  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 10:25 AM
I also have reading glasses and glasses for the night because I can't see night time. My son of 3 years old needs to wear glasses and he rocks that! I think the sooner you wear glasses the better for your eyes. Some people look extremely attractive with glasses though.

Lucretia  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 09:00 AM
I have worn glasses since matric due to a virus I pick up in the eye. I have never cared about wearing glasses because it is more important to me to see than not. I do, however, wear contact lenses on weekends or when I go out but if I end up wearing my glasses, again, I don't really care.

Natasha  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 08:56 AM
I Started using glasses for just reading on the computer and so on but after my car accident my eyes has worsen I actually have to wear my glasses 24/7 now but i hate wearing them its so irritating but it definitely helps a lot it just takes a lot to get use to it and it gets dirty so quick.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 08:11 AM
I have a pair of glasses as well and I have to wear them for work and when I drive, sometimes you can feel lost without the glasses. More and more people and kids are wearing glasses now.

Nicolle  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 07:45 AM
As irritating as glasses are, they actually help a lot. I have a pair and so when I study or work, most of the times (if I remember) I will use them.

brumilde  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 07:44 AM
In the modern society we read allot more, TV, computer and cellphones put allot of strain on our eyes, most secretaries have to sit in front for a screen for more than 8 hours, then going home your eyes are worn out. I myself need to go again and 'update' my glasses.thanks for the reminder

sandra  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 07:42 AM
I have a pair for when I have to read and write, although no problem with my vision. However, I am supposed to wear it due to eye constrains from PC's and being behind books all the time. It is just a mission to put them on and actually keep them on

david  said:
on Tuesday 21-May-19 07:25 AM
i know what you mean about the glasses. i have a pair at home and at work. luckily my distance vision is perfect, so i can still spot an ice cold beer from a few kilometers away!


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