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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has finally come to an end and while not everybody watches the program, but what cannot be denied is that it has been the biggest program on television worldwide for many years.  Game of Thrones in some weeks had as many as 7 or 8 times more viewers than the next most popular program and in a day and age where not everyone watches TV live anymore that is simply massive.

I want to know what you thought, if you have watched Game of Thrones, of the final season, and in particular the final episode and what positions people ended up in, etc?

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Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 02:50 PM
I have not watched 1 episode of GOT.

cornelie  said:
on Tuesday 11-Jun-19 03:31 PM

I have enjoyed all the seasons but the last season was a bit of game changer but what an excellent show.

Wanika  said:
on Tuesday 11-Jun-19 10:11 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed the series from start to finish. It was an ideal way to procrastinate during exam season. While some fans have voiced their disappointment with the final season quite vehemently, I thought the final season was excellent.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Monday 10-Jun-19 08:03 AM
I haven't seen one episode. It doesn't look like something I would enjoy.

Nikita  said:
on Friday 07-Jun-19 01:51 PM
I started watching Game Of Thrones when I was in varsity. In the small little Eastern Cape Town of Grahamstown there was not much else to do other than drink, party, stream series and study. We would binge watch series like game of thrones from the student network not knowing how very famous this series would actually become. I must say I was shocked by the ending. Never did I think Bran would take the throne. To me his character was actually quite weak throughout the series. I would have thought that after killing the night king that Arya would take the throne and deservedly so. Obviously like the majority I wanted Jon Snow to rule. I also wouldn't mind if Tyrion ended up on the throne. He was such a strong character throughout

Ruby  said:
on Friday 07-Jun-19 09:18 AM
I personally have never seen an episode. The hype around it was great but I think it would be pointless watching it now since I've seen and heard so many spoilers already.

Tersia  said:
on Wednesday 05-Jun-19 09:00 AM
I am not a Game of Thrones fan, I am one of the few who didn't watch the show but for some odd reason I always knew what was going on and who the characters are. My dad filled me in on what happened on the last episode and I was actually quite shocked as to what happened. Seemed it could have been very disappointing to some people.

Jadine Esterhuizen  said:
on Tuesday 04-Jun-19 02:05 PM
I have not watched one episode from what I have seen being advertised/posters I don't really find it fascinating.

Nicolle  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 05:49 PM
I enjoyed Game of Thrones. A big supporter. However, season 8 was an anti-climax. I would have preferred to have seen more action and more dramatic scenes, but it is on top of my list as one of the best programs watched

sandra  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 05:47 PM
I though it was going to be a little bit more dramatic. I though John Snow would kill the Knight King in Episode 3 of Season 8. I thought about many different outcomes, and for sure did not want Bran to take the throne, but oh well. Nonetheless, it is still a good program.

Sinead  said:
on Monday 03-Jun-19 09:21 AM
This show, like any other famous series, will probably be spoken about for many years to come. Surely fans, like with Friends, How I met your mother, Modern Family etc, will still watch the random episodes if they are on TV in future. I know I do that with Harry Potter and series mentioned above. GOT however, I still haven't watched. Maybe one day... But for now, I'm glad the hype is over.

Shristi  said:
on Sunday 02-Jun-19 07:30 PM
I just recently started watching Game of Thrones and I am hooked on it! This series is brilliant..I love it. Can't wait to see how it all ends.

Dasanya  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 05:44 PM
I have unfortunately not watched a single episode of Game of Thrones but I think I should definitely watch it because I've only ever heard what a great series it is.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 12:22 PM
I will be starting the new season this weekend, and I am sure that it will be just as good as all of the others. Cannot wait :)

Ashleigh  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 10:04 AM
I am actually happy that the series has stopped just so that it didn't get any worse then what the ending was. It would have been another series just like Days of our Lives eventually.

Jadine Richards  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 09:04 AM
I was so disappointed with the final season. After years of fearfully waiting for the Night King and the Army of dead, the only key person to die was Ser Jorah and the little lady of the north? As for Danny's was such an anti-climax. All good that Bran became the King end but surely they could have given John a better rest of life scenario. Also I think that Tyrion should have died with his siblings...would have had more of an effect. Anyway, I could go on for days but ultimately it gets a thumbs down and a sad face from me.

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Friday 31-May-19 08:45 AM
Without a doubt one of the best and my personal favourite series! I was bitterly disappointed at the finale. After 8 years its done! Just like that! I have always been a Daenerys fan but I knew her days were limited. I am just glad she died in the absolute last episode! I definitely did not want anyone else to be the ruler so making Bran the King to a now non-existent Iron Throne suits me fine. I would like to know what the point of the Night Watch is now that the Night King is dead? There are a lot of loose ends and the "happily-ever-after" is not the ending I was looking for.

Zandelee  said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 04:20 PM
I have not watched an episode of Game of Thrones as yet. But I think once I start I would most likely be hooked on it so I will wait until December to start watching it. Series can be very time consuming.

Kathryn  said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 02:42 PM
I for one found the ending of the season to be fitting. No, John Snow did not become the King of the six kingdoms but he is with the Free People of the North and isn't doing something he never wanted in the first place.

Jolene   said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 08:20 AM
I watched the last season and was not impressed with the final episode at all. This was an amazing series and the build up to the final season was really great but they rushed everything in the end. I wanted Jon Snow to be the King!

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 07:53 AM
I started watching it, i'm hooked, almost starting with season 8, must just say, the highlight for me was when King Joffrey choked, he boiled my blood

Brenda Du Toit   said:
on Thursday 30-May-19 07:16 AM
Game of Throne sounds very interesting. I did not watched one episode as yet but will make time to do so.

Joyce  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 04:58 PM
Game of Throne sounds very interesting.

Courtney  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 12:51 PM
I have not watched one episode but these blog's about Game of Thrones makes me want to watch this.

Megan  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 12:09 PM
I haven't watched an episode of the final season, I prefer watching the episodes consecutively once all are released, but haven't gotten around to doing. Thus I can't give constructive criticism at this point.

Sarah  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 11:46 AM
I was not happy that Jon Snow does not become the kind instead his younger brother Bran Stark becomes king. Sansa Stark becomes Queen of the north after all what she been through. Arya Stark sails off to explore new lands in the West.

Bianca N  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 09:16 AM
I have not watched this so I can't give an opinion about what I thought about the final season or episodes in particular; I can, however, say that I have never seen a fan base so big or so dedicated. There were videos on Facebook showing the reactions of the fans when certain things happened (I think the one was when the Night King was killed if I am not mistaken) and the people literally jumped up, screamed, hugged complete strangers and some even cried. It looked like people just heard that a war has come to an end. I have also heard that some fans are not happy with how it ended, and have started petitions saying that HBO should re-make the last season. My knowledge of the details of this show is very limited, unfortunately and I know only what I see on social media.

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:55 AM
I haven't watched Game of Thrones but know that this is definitely the biggest TV program. I probably should try and find time to watch all the seasons.

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:46 AM
I loved this Show i was so sad to see it End. But I was upset with the ending. I was Team John Snow all the way. Some people I was happy to see getting taken out and there was some that I was not happy still lived.. But the Writer did say that the book is a lot different to the show so I think that I want to get the books and read them.

David   said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:39 AM
for such an epic show to have a 'and they lived happily ever after' ending is just pathetic. in fact, i'd like my time spent on the last season back!

Claudia B  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:32 AM
I watched all the Game of Thrones seasons, big fan. I think the last season was to short and a lot happen in one episode. In the end I think everyone ended up where they should've.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Wednesday 29-May-19 08:30 AM
I've only seen the pilot episode, and not even all of it. Not my cup of tea to be honest, but I understand that it is a massive and very popular story, despite its high age restriction.


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