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Disappointed with Deputy President appointment

I was very disappointed to see that President Cyril Ramaphosa, and how good it is to write that instead of writing about our former President, Jacob Zuma.  In fact, I used to struggle to even call him President Jacob Zuma, because I simply did not have that respect, but I have all the respect in the world for Cyril Ramaphosa. 

There was a lot of international coverage as to whether or not he would appoint David Mabuza as the Deputy President of South Africa, given that there seems to be a number of allegations involving improprieties in the Mpumalanga Education Department, and what that money was used for and whether or not he was involved, etc and there was a devastating expose in the New York Times about him a few months ago.  It was commonly expected that he would not be appointed if Cyril Ramaphosa had enough power within the ANC and one can only assume that the fact he has been appointed as Deputy President must mean that President Cyril Ramaphosa does not have too much of a majority within the ANC itself.  That is unfortunate, because he is the man for this time, he is what South Africa needs when there are so many business issues that need to be resolved and it is seen as somewhat of a negative, from an international perspective, that David Mabuza has been appointed as the Deputy President.  Of course, he may well argue that he has never been found guilty of anything, etc, but there is certainly a perception that is quite negative and you never want to appoint somebody who has those clouds floating above them to such an important position, unless you have no choice.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Friday 21-Jun-19 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Victoria  said:
on Tuesday 16-Jul-19 08:44 AM
I feel that there is definitely still corruption and probably always will be. Something needs to change.

Prishani  said:
on Monday 15-Jul-19 04:18 PM
With politics anything can happen! The sad part is that even some of the most trustworthy, respectable politicians have skeletons in their closet. I guess we just have to be positive!

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 12-Jul-19 01:57 PM
I believe that Cyril appointing David Mabuza as Deputy President has exposed just how little control or majority that Cyril has over the party. With the puppet master (Jacob Zuma) out of presidency, the loyalty of the members in the ANC in his beliefs and way of governing a country seems to remain within the party.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Thursday 11-Jul-19 08:43 AM
Nothing new here. I didn't even watch it. There's always corruption involved.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jul-19 04:52 PM
I must admit that I did not watch it. Everyone in this day and age are only looking our for themselves and with the appointment above...maes you feel as though it is just another bad move on a chess board....

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Friday 05-Jul-19 10:56 AM
Corruption, maladministration and mismanagement sums up the ANC.

When the ANC is corruption free and more efficient and prudent management of public resources are evident, then only will I believe in the future of South Africa but for now we are all just watching our beautiful country being thrown away

Fikile  said:
on Friday 28-Jun-19 09:51 AM
I don't think anything would change with or without the new president or even the Deputy. Corruption will always be corruption, we are being killed by our very own people and that is why we won't be making it to anywhere in life or even being anywhere close to changing the world. I gave up long time ago on ANC

Melissa  said:
on Thursday 27-Jun-19 07:58 AM
Lets hope that this will make changes in South Africa. All we can do is hope for the best

Aexis  said:
on Tuesday 25-Jun-19 12:03 PM
I can only assume that his leeway in the ANC is not as great as you say so above and there is a chance he is just another pawn. But hopefully he is able to make some changes in this country

Brumilde Cronje  said:
on Tuesday 25-Jun-19 08:08 AM
There will always be corruption. One will just be starter about it than the previous one. Wonder if he will be able to help us in 4 years. Or will it be just like our last one...

Ashleigh  said:
on Monday 24-Jun-19 04:55 PM
I am not a huge fan of Cyril Ramaphosa but he definitely is way more educated than the presidents we have had before which makes him better for the position. Will have to wait and see.

Joyce  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 04:53 PM
I think he did not have a choice but to appoint David Mabuza as Deputy President. I also think that Mr President of South Africa is indeed what South Africa needs, let’s hope for the best.

candice  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 04:37 PM
I hope Cyril Ramaphosa actully makes a change in this Country that would be great for all of us but we will have to wait and see. We have been so disappointed in the previous Presidents actions so lets see what happens.

Jessica M  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 04:31 PM
Nothing new with the ANC. After all the allegations of Zuma and his rape, stealing etc and he even became the president of the country. Also landed up robbing the country too. So ANC for me personally do not hold many if any good members that I can say I would trust.

Lucretia  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 03:42 PM
I must say, i generally like Cyril Ramaphosa and think he is the best man for the job now. I also have great respect for his abilities as a business man and hope that he will turn our country around. As for his cabinet, it is a worrying factor because he speaks of a "New Dawn" but one cannot create a new dawn with the old mps that were part of the Zuma cabinet. Let us see what happens going forward and let us hope that CR obtains the respect he needs in the ANC to rid the cabinet of some of the old MP's that should not have been appointed again.

Bianca N  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 09:05 AM
Although we may not be satisfied with his choice of Deputy President, we must keep in mind that Cyril Ramaphosa has a lot of damage to repair from Jacob Zuma's time as president. And like you said, maybe he had no choice as his power within the ANC is very limited, although I am certain there were other candidates more suitable for this position.

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:56 AM
I definitely do agree with Clare on this one.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:34 AM
Unfortunately, as in all politics, only time will tell whether he can be trusted and believed or not. Though I am sure we all hope for the former.

Sarah  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:23 AM
I was quite impress with Cyril Ramaphosa speech last night, but I hope he is not just talk and no actions happens. He has a lot of work to do to improve this country. Lets hope he can do it.

Clare  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:20 AM
I must say this is Job that I would never want. The President has a lot of things to consider before he makes a Choice. I hope that he will be a Truthful President and I hope that will make this Country better for ALL People that call South Africa Home.

patrick  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:08 AM
The President has tight rope to please and so far I think he is doing well. He must please both the Anc and the general public. If I were him I would capacitate the law enforcement agencies and set them on every body. That way he will clean the rotten apples in the state.

Thabitha  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 08:00 AM
It was really disappointing but I also think that he had no choice President Ramaphosa is a wise man

david  said:
on Friday 21-Jun-19 07:36 AM
you last line sums up president ramaphosa's predicament perfectly.


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