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Joyce Zulu

Joyce Zulu was the third member of staff I ever hired and given that the second member of staff was only with me for a temporary period of 2 months Joyce was, until her death in November, was my longest ever employee.  She used to be a cleaner in the Constantia Centre, the building where my firm first started and she became a filing lady in my firm.  Her role expanded through the years and she eventually helped us with consulting with clients, often playing the role of almost a translator and eventually took on an all purposes administrative and secretarial role.  She was with my firm for 25 years and she was somebody I could rely on.  When she suddenly did not turn up at work for about 2 weeks in a row in November my wife said to me she must be seriously ill or dying, because that it was not in Joyce’s nature to simply disappear.  Joyce had even taken the trouble to write to my wife when my wife lived in Russia and she was a compassionate woman who displayed considerable empathy towards our clients. 

I am very sad that she has passed away and it has been difficult to ascertain how she passed away, but I know that she was immune compromised and it may well be that Covid-19 played a role in her death.  Rest in peace Joyce, I am shocked that you have gone so soon. Thank you for the 25 years that you spent with our firm and I do hope that your family are better off because of the time you spent with the firm -and thank you for your loyalty and dedication to me for all of those years.  

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Thursday 03-Dec-20 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Candi smith  said:
on Wednesday 09-Dec-20 09:29 AM
What a lovely tribute to Joyce and her contribution to De Broglio over the years. It sounds like Joyce played such an integral and important role to help translate and guide clients, and she clearly held up the company values of caring about each case. It is also encouraging to see how much Michael personally cared for Joyce and was so touched by her passing and the time she spent with the company.

Nikita  said:
on Monday 07-Dec-20 01:42 PM
Joycie was always such a kind and pleasant person to be around. Every time we crossed paths in the office she always had a smile on her face. What an asset to the company with her consultation skills in signing clients up and her positivity. You cant buy loyalty like this.

Helen  said:
on Monday 07-Dec-20 12:09 PM
Oh Joycie, Joycie!
I will be missing you Joycie, your laugh and always happy face!
I did not expect that after sending you "Get better!" card we all received very sad news. I felt terrible to know that Joyce will not be coming back to us.
After 10 years working together felt like I lost my part of family.
Rest in peace Joyce.

Lourien  said:
on Monday 07-Dec-20 11:13 AM
We will keep her in our mind and our hearts as well as keep her family in our thoughts through this difficult time that they will be going through.

Sincere condolences to friends, family and colleagues .

Thabo Dibakwane  said:
on Monday 07-Dec-20 08:21 AM
Sisi Joyce she was the first person to help me about my case how is going to take place i use to call and email her concerning my case, she use to advise and explain how is going to happen, I REALLY LOST A SISTER GOD MUST BLESS HER FAMILY THANKS MY SISTER JOYCE

Prica Hilda  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 04:55 PM
A great mother figure, a humble, patient, an ever smilling, a great woman she was to the De Broglio Clients...
When I first open a file with De Broglio Attorneys I was assisted by ausi Joyce. I spoke with her over the phone but I could tell that she is indeed a loving person.
Her patience to me will never be forgotten. She motivated me so much about the procedure that everything will be well.. I nearly lost hope when I had to send documents, scan and resend them again, it was too much up and downs for me but she kept me motivated. I remember my first Dr's appointment I was transported by abuti Kgotso then he passed the firm first in the morning then I asked him to call ausi Joyce for me so that I can see the woman who helped me then he called her for me. Her smile was welcoming and she was indeed as friendly in person as she was on the phone.
I was happy to see her in person and I could tell that she serves the firm with great passion and dedication.
Robala Sentle ausi Joyce Zulu... Heartbroken as I am due to your sudden departure... Farewell Mama..
To the Zulu family... May you find comfort in the Lord. We remain one family till death do us part. I have seen and witnessed how ausi Joyce was to De Broglio clients.. such a great loving person.. Her love leaves a print in our can we forget such a Great personality ❤️

Nams'Aquar Precious  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 04:46 PM
May her soul rest in peace. Shes the person I first met with when i came to your offices shes the one who helped me, she helped me with the forms and I would call her I received emails from you that I didnt understand and she'd help me or refer me... May her soul rest in peace a good Samaritan she was.

Colleen  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 02:39 PM
Joyce had the friendliest face walking into the office. My condolences to her friends and family. She will be sincerely missed.

Tayla  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 02:21 PM
My sincerest condolences to the friends and family of such a lovely lady! Joyce you will be missed by the de Broglio family.

Luchell  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 02:00 PM
My sincere condolences to the family. Rest in peace Joyce, you will be missed.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:58 PM
My sincerest condolences to her friends and family. May she rest in peace.

Marchinique  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:54 PM
For someone who has only been here for a bit over a month now, I can absolutely see what big of a role Joycie played in this firm. I may have never met Joyce, but hearing my fellow colleagues speak about her, I can tell that she in fact was an amazing woman. May you rest in peace, Joyce.

Nicolle  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:52 PM
It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Joycie! Joyce was a beautiful soul who would always greet a person with a sincere smile and joy. My condolences to Joyce's family and friends. I know that she will most certainly be missed by her de Broglio Family.

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:51 PM
She loved what she did and she id it with passion. Is very sad that she left us while we were hoping that she will do more for the firm. . May her soul rest in peace.

Michelle B  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:48 PM
I didn't know Joyce, but I can see that she was loved deeply by all her colleagues. There is no doubt that she will be missed by all. May your soul rest in peace.

dolly dubazana  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 01:14 PM
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love leaves a memory that no one can steal. Rest in eternal peace Joyce. Deepest condolences to family, friends and de Broglio team. Trust in God He is our only comforter!

Daryl Dubazana  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 12:32 PM
Lala ngoxolo Mageba Sthuli sikaNdaba!!! (clan names)

My deepest condolences to Zulu family, friends and de Brogio Team.
Be comforted knowing that she is safely in God's arms!
Thank you Mike for aknowledging your employee's love, dedication and trustworthiness in your firm!

Dune  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 10:25 AM
What a loss to the firm, she was such a peaceful soul. May you rest in peace Joyce, you will never be forgotten.

Cornelie  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 09:49 AM
It is ever a happy thought when you have worked with a colleague knowing her for 8years then to here she has passed on. I will never forget her smile and friendliness every time she would see me. She used to tap me on the shoulder and always hallo Cornelietjie. You will be missed Joyce. My thoughts are with the family.

Ruby  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 09:14 AM
I might not have met her before but I can tell that she left her mark on the De Broglio Family.
Rest well Joyce.. May God open the gate of Heavens for you.
My sincere condolences to the family.

Sinead  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 09:05 AM
I miss you every single day my Joycie. After 8 years of knowing you, I will never forget your smile, your laugh or the way you called me Shani shani...
Your sweet nature and kind heart will forever be missed.
Thank you for being you! Rest in peace, my Joycie...
My deepest sympathies to the family.

Daniella  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:55 AM
I don't even know where to start.

I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with Joyce - sharing an office with Joyce even if it was for a short period I got to learn something new about her everyday. Joyce is one of the most compassionate, funny, understanding, patient, strong women I have had the honor to get to know.

I am forever grateful for all the things she has taught me and for always being so supportive - Joyce was always someone I could confide in and i miss her dearly!

RIP Joyce - I love you lots!

Tersia  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:54 AM
I was very heartbroken to hear of the passing of our dear Joycie. She was one of the most tranquil souls. I will always remember Joycies walk, her morning tea's and just always being a person who never got involved in any office drama. I will miss her dearly and she will always have a special place in all our hearts.

I pray for condolences to her family and friends and that they will find peace in her passing.

Rest in peace my dear Joycie - until we meet again!

Kayla  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:50 AM
Its never easy losing someone you have known for so long. I have never met Joyce but the things I have heard about Joyce is only but good and she sounds like she was a gentle soul. Everyone has their time when God calls them home, and although its sad for us to lose our loved ones, what a wonderful day it is for them to go home. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends who have lost her.

Tamaryn   said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:49 AM
Joyce, what can one say? You were always there with a friendly, happy smile to brighten a day. There was never a bad Joyce day. Each day you were your beautiful self sharing your joy with the world. Rest peacefully Joyce. May your family be safe in the knowledge that they were truly blessed for having you as a part of their lives.

Jolene   said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:48 AM
I didn't know Joyce as well as the rest of the De Broglio family but I know the firm will not be the same without her. She will be missed dearly. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:48 AM
I did not know Joyce personally but I have only heard amazing things about her. It's never easy to say goodbye to a friend or family member. She will be missed.

danielle  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:44 AM
Joyce God called your name so gently that only you could hear, no one heard the footsteps of the Angel drawing you near so sad to have lost a good person like you always smiling and happy. May your good soul rest in peace gone but will not be forgotten.

Melissa van Tellingen  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:43 AM
Such a kind soul. I will never forget our little hugs as we passed each other by Joycie. You will be dearly missed.

shristi  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:38 AM
Joyce was such a humble soul. She always was such a pleasure to work and always had a smile on her face! It is a huge loss of De Broglio and we are surely going to miss her.

My sincerest condolences go out to her family and friends. May her soul rest in peace.

Go well Joyce! You are going to be missed dearly.

Kendall Gerlag  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:38 AM
Although I did not know Joyce very well, I only ever heard good things about her in the office. She was always friendly and smiling when I saw her around. It is very sad news to hear of her passing especially so close to the festive season. It is quite remarkable to have an employee for so many years showing such loyalty to the firm. Rest in peace Joyce and sincere condolences to all her friends and family.

Bronwyn  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:33 AM
I did not know Joyce that well but every time I got to see her she would have a smile on her face, the most humble person I have come across and always had something positive to say.
my deepest sympathy to your family, you will be missed.

Prishani  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:33 AM
Joycie was a soft, sweet and kind hearted person. She would always greet you with a smile. Joyce was here when I started and I remember how she thought me how to request and obtain copies of an accident report. This is a very sad time for all of us and I will keep her family and children in my prayers as they go through a difficult time. I hope they know and always remember that Joyce held a special place in our hearts and at the firm.

thembi  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:28 AM
Ma Joycie was such a lovely person. I have no words for her loss. She was my friend and she was my colleague. I will miss her so much and her memories will be with me forever.

zandelee  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:28 AM
Joyce was the most gentle and kind soul. Her absence and positive attitude towards life will be greatly felt at the offices. May she rest in peace and may her family find comfort in the Lord during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I will miss how she laughed out of her stomach until she cried. My best memory of her.

sandra  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:27 AM
It took me a while to think about what I wanted to say about this fine lady because I have no words for her loss. Joyce was an absolutely lovely person. She would always have a joke and laugh with me. I have known her for a few years and her passing really broke my heart. I will miss all her outbursts of laughter, and when she did that, I could not breath because of how funny that moment of laughter was. I will miss her so very much and she will not be forgotten.

Ziyanda  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:26 AM
In the brief time I spent with Joyce I gained a mother and friend. I will forever miss your smile, laugh, jokes and the love you showed me. Your passing has left me with no one to sit with me during lunch and to walk with to Woolworths anymore.

Ulale kahle MaZulu iyophinde ibonane sthandwa sam!!!

Mathilda  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:25 AM
JOY-cie, where do I start.

Joyce was a wonderful person, kind and loving.

I shared an office with Joyce for 5 years and in that 5 years we had so many laughs, tears and even your odd arguments, especially about the aircon because she was always cold and then myself and Sheena decided to get her an office blanket and all was good haha.

We even had a favorite song “Jessie Ware- Say you love me” and when I use to put it on, she will turn around and say “Haaa Tilla” and start dancing.

So many memories made, I will miss her dearly.

The De Broglio Family hearts are broken because of her passing.

Rest well my Joycie ,Joyce!
Condolences to her family and friends.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:24 AM
The passing of Joyce was very sad news.
She was such a friendly lady, always greeted, always asked how you were, always laughed. My deepest sympathies go out to her daughter and her family. She will for sure be missed.

Chante  said:
on Friday 04-Dec-20 08:24 AM
It is quite sad to have heard that Joyce had passed away so soon and so unexpectedly. My sincerest condolences goes to her family. As Joyce had been with de Broglio so long an asset has been lost and will be missed.

Dasanya  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 03:36 PM
Although I didn't know Joyce very well, she always had a smile on her face and never failed to greet when she saw me. I remember seeing her compassion when meeting with clients and laughs as she would interact with other staff members. Rest in Peace Joyce and my condolences go out to your family.

Henrietta  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 02:54 PM
Joyce truly was a remarkable woman. She really always had a smile on her face and could be feisty as much as she could be happy. I have seen both sides but what I respected the most was she never went behind your back and she never held a grudge. She would tell you what she doesn't like and that was the end, no snappy comments and nasty remarks. I don't think I have ever heard Joyce say bad things about people and she never took part in gossips. No matter what or how her day was and who you were Joyce always greeted every one with a smile. She really will be missed. RIP Joyce, condolences to the family.

Michelle D  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 12:56 PM
Joyce was the first person at de Broglio to learn my name. She was such a beautiful soul filled with compassion and positivity. The world has lost one of the kindest humans out there. It was a blessing just to have known her.

Melissa  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 11:24 AM
Joyce, you will be missed. It feels so unreal that you are no longer with us. I miss your laugh and your jokes everyday. You were the sweetest person ever that didn't involve yourself in gossips and other stories. You always did your best and assisting others with a smile on your face. You always came to work with a smile on your face and it was a pleasure working with you. Till we meet again my Joycie. xoxoxoxox

Victoria  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 10:47 AM
Joyce was always so friendly and kind, always happy! Also willing to help with anything. I remember when I started working here and my mom used to drop me off Joyce would always greet both my mom and myself with such warmth and joy. Joyce will be deeply missed and I pray she is in a happier place. Condolences to her family. Rest in peace Joyce.

Nicolene  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 09:52 AM
Joyce, I didn't know you that well but you always had a smile on your face and you were always so happy when I saw you. Rest in peace, Joyce. Condolences to the family.

Ashleigh  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 09:51 AM
Joyce was such a fantastic and humble soul. This was such a shock and sadness for us because you would never say that Joyce was struggling in any way because she hid all this with her smiles. I will miss Joyce's smile, laughter and kindness and she will certainly never be forgotten just because of the person she was and how she played an important role somewhere with them. Prayers of comfort for her family and all that loved her including myself. Rest in peace Joyce. Xxx

fikile  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 09:34 AM
I remember the first time I started working here and I told that I can't use my English name because the is someone who has the same name and it may confuse people and that is when I met her "Joyce" and she always called me her baby and sometimes her twin because we share the name.

When I started working with David she always wanted to know how am doing in my job and if I need help she will be the to help me and when it came to requesting of the accident reports she taught me how to deal with the police and when to call them and even gave me some names of people who always helped her at the police station so that they can make my work easy. She was always full of love and happiness, always willing to help. She was a mother to most of us we are going to miss her and her wise words. I always called her mom because she was like a mother to me.

Lala Kahle Mama "Rest in peace mom" we will miss you

sarah  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 09:00 AM
Joycie was always smiling and happy, when I felt down or had a bad day , I would just go to Joyce and she always cheered me up. She had so much patience . I will miss her dearly. When I started at de Broglio in 2012 she was one of the first people to come and greet me and I remember the warmth I felt from her. I will truly miss her and my prayers are with her family .

Roxanne Rautenbach  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:49 AM
I didn't know you as well as the rest of the team but from time to time when ever i saw you, you always had a beautiful smile on your face, never once have i seen you without a smile on your face. Your family and friends are in my thoughts in this difficult time. You are happy and pain free and in a much better place. R.I.P Joyce.

Melandre'  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:48 AM
I sadly only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short while. But during the time we shared an office, I got to know your soft nature and kind heart. You are so missed by everyone. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. She was an extraordinary woman. Rest in peace my Joycie

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:47 AM
Joyce was such a friendly, caring and loyal person. Always patient and willing to help. She had an infectious smile, and no matter in what mood you were if Joyce smiled at you, you smiled too. We will miss you Joyce. The firm will not be the same without you. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Lucretia  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:45 AM
I came to know Joyce in 2011, when I started at De Broglio and shared an office with her. It was not long into starting that I called her my Joycie-Pooh, because she reminded me of a cuddly bear. She was always smiling and you could ask her help on anything and she would assist be it with advice of how something must be done or just an ear to listen. She was truly an asset to the company.

We will miss you Joyce, gone but never forgotten. Love your-creature.

Clare   said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:37 AM
Joyce Zulu was one of the most nicest, kindest, caring and loving person I had ever met with in the De Broglio Team. She was always calling me "My Clare" Please can you help this client or "My Clare" please can you assist me with a Driver... I can still hear saying "My Clare". I am really going to miss her and i am sure many other are going to as well. My Heart is broken for her family and friends, but i know she is in peace and in a much better place. Love you Joyce R.I.P.

Megan  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:37 AM
We share in this time of grief, but also share in the love and memories of Joyce. I will always remember your smiling face and small giggle at the end of your sentences, your caring and helpful nature as well as your warm heartedness. You are missed Joyce, your presence will always be here at de Broglio and every path you've crossed. Rest in peace...

Jessica  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 08:36 AM
My Joyce, my friend. We have lost so many good people along the years, but your loss has affected me a lot. You were not just a work colleague to me, you were my friend. I am going to miss your beautiful smile, warm heart and outstanding personality. I am going to miss our chats, I am going to miss our laughs. I am going to miss you my friend. I wish your family all the strength. I know if I hurt this much, they hurting 100 times more. Rest in peace my Joycie, until we meet again my friend.

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:58 AM
I have known Joycie for 10 and a half years - longer than I known alot of people. Joyce taught ME how to do lodgements, Joyce taught me patience and empathy. We fought at times but even when arguing one thing stood out she STILL called me Angel. It would drive me nuts and one day I asked but Joyce you are frustrating me and I you, so why do you still call me angel. She told me "Because no matter what you do, your name is still Angel". Another memory I have is of Michael telling me "Don't pick a fight with Joyce!".

My first few years at de Broglio we worked closely together but then we didn't. Its crazy to think I then only saw her at the clock out machine but I would always crack jokes with her and will not forget her laugh followed by the words "Angel".
Her love for her grandchild was unmatched, her love for life and to work - unmatched. She will be missed.

Rest well Joycie! I only hope that you did not suffer.

I am certainly glad I came across your path. Condolences to her family and friends.

Lauren  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:57 AM
My deepest sympathy goes out to her family and friends. It is never easy losing a loved one.

Zindy  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:53 AM
This was such a shock and we are deeply saddened by the sudden death of our friend and colleague, Joyce was a remarkable woman. The 6 years i have known her has been nothing but memorable, What a woman, determined, always smiling, a positive attitude everyday. Goodbyes are not forever. It simply means I will miss you Joycey, until we meet again my friend. My deepest condolences to the family.

brumilde  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:49 AM
We were stunned by the news. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy goes out to her family and friends. God bless you and your family. The year 2020 has truly been THE worst for allot of people.

Alexis  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:49 AM
What can one say about Joyce....It was extremely sad when told of her passing. She was a wonderful human being, always sweet and thoughtful. She cared about what she did and was very loyal to the company. She will be sorely missed, my heart goes out to her family - I remember being her secret Santa, and she was so lost as she wanted to say thank you...but I came out with it eventually even though it was meant to be secret....She really is going to be missed

Brenda Strydom  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:39 AM
My heart is broken. Joyce will always be in my heart She was the most Caring person. She always made you smile. She filled our lives with Happiness and sweet feelings that we will carry in our hearts forever. I am going to miss you my Joyce. My deepest sympathies go out to the family for the loss of our Joyce. Rest in peace Joyce.

Franzelle Davel  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:31 AM

The is very sad especially the time of year for her family. I did not know her but all I can say strength to the family with the hurt and loss of their loved one

david  said:
on Thursday 03-Dec-20 07:25 AM
Joyce Zulu.
I will always remember the name.
A good and decent lady.
We shared an office for a few years, so spent a lot of time together.
She was a loyal member of staff and someone you could count on.
She was as much a fixture of de Broglio Attorneys as our building.
She helped me with my own work, and for her troubles was subjected to hearing all my stories and from time to time asked for advice.
We lost the longest serving member of the 'de Broglio Family', and i will miss her.
Hamba Gahle Joycie


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