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A poor loser

Four years ago, at this time, Hillary Clinton had to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. She just lost an election to him, but in the interest of democracy and in the usual sign of leadership, she turned up for what is essentially the party of the winner.  I think you know where I am going with this. 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama also attended that inauguration and so it is quite stunning, after some 150 years of this tradition, that Donald Trump, a man who loses frequently, but does not like to admit it, could not turn up for his opponent’s inauguration.  Instead, he demanded a send-off at a near air force base where thousands of people received an e-mail asking them to come and to “bring 5 friends with” – and they were so desperate that the invites were even sent to his critics and  people he had fired.  In other words, on the same day that an inauguration for the new President was being held in the same city, he was begging people to turn up at his event rather.

I think that Donald Trump ultimately, if we leave aside everything else, personifies exactly the thing he hates the most – losers.  The problem is, unlike those of us in golf, horseracing and in litigation, who have to learn to lose sometimes and do so gracefully, he is not only a loser, but he is a poor loser. 

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Daniella  said:
on Tuesday 23-Feb-21 09:38 AM
Donald Trump is a sore loser- never liked him, never will.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 19-Feb-21 08:48 AM
It is not as if he had a sparkly reputation he needed to maintain by showing some sense of decorum and grace whilst losing the election. One positive thing that can be said about the man it that at the very least he is consistent...

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Tuesday 16-Feb-21 09:06 AM
We all know that loosing is very painful but as humanity we always forget that loosing is part of daily living. One is not surprised by his counter send off party he has always been a saw looser and a man of many theories.

Nicolle  said:
on Tuesday 16-Feb-21 08:45 AM
He sure did make for some good comedy. What will we laugh at now? What does the future in jokes have in store for us?

Trump has always been a poor loser, no question about it. There is no grace at all.

Mathilda  said:
on Tuesday 16-Feb-21 07:50 AM
Trump will go down as the sorest political loser in the long history of American sore losers and Trump can only blame himself.
Trump is an extreme narcissist, serial liar and a tolerator of racism.


All the best for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

thembi  said:
on Tuesday 16-Feb-21 07:10 AM
I think he should attend the inauguration because it is always important to show respect to the next President.

sandra  said:
on Tuesday 16-Feb-21 07:08 AM
Everybody for themselves. I do not have a political agenda nor do I discuss political views, however, it is something that he did and whether it was rude or not, it was his decision at the end of the day

Prishani  said:
on Monday 01-Feb-21 10:55 AM
This no way for the former president of the US to behave! its quite shocking. I do think that most of us were expecting this anyway.

Sinead  said:
on Monday 01-Feb-21 08:46 AM
This is hilarious ='''"D What a sore loser! Goodbye and good riddance...
I do hope Joe Biden does a good job compared to previous presidents. And with all the scandal surrounding him, I hope none of it is true...

brumilde  said:
on Friday 29-Jan-21 09:07 AM
Again people should watch the documentary Michael Moore made. the whole thing started as a joke, he wanted to show the network he was popular, he apparently heard Gwen Stefanie was earning more than him from the network

Kayla  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 03:47 PM
You win some, you lose some. It is one of the many life lessons you have to accept. However, I read a quote the other day. That you shouldn't see a fail as a bad thing but rather that its a step closer to success. You do need to learn from your fails to be able to move forward.

Claudia B  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 10:10 AM
Donald Trump is definitely a sore loser. Let's all hope that Joe Biden will be a better president.

Melissa van Tellingen  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 09:25 AM
I'm sure everyone is happy that Trump is gone.

Angelique J  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:41 AM
Unbelievable lol! Sour loser. When one is a leader, you need to take your L with loss. He definitely knows how to highlight his bad characteristics and doesn't care how it makes him look.

Helen  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:38 AM
Very interesting blog about Donald Trump, who would thought that 74 year old man would act like a spoiled, not mannered child, while he was leaving his post after 4 years being an American president?
Face it gracefully Mr Trump, do not cry and do not try to blame everyone in your failure!

Zandelee  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:33 AM
I watched some parts of the inauguration of Joe Biden. It was so uplifting to see all the support he got, even having some of the best artist singing at his inauguration.I didn't expect Donald Trump to give his support at all.

Chante  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:15 AM
Donald Trump definitely is a poor loser. The fact that he stooped to that level is just unbelievable. I truly hope that Joe Biden will be a better president to the USA.

Brenda Strydom  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:15 AM
All the best for Joe Biden he will do a grade Job. I must just say Donald Trump is an very BAD LOOSER

Shristi  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 08:08 AM
Trump is undoubtedly sore loser. He has no dignity and thank God he is gone! Good luck to Joe Biden!

Zindy Kruger  said:
on Thursday 28-Jan-21 07:56 AM
He may be a poor loser but a very successful one, He may not have handled the current situation with much integrity considering his status, he has made very poor decisions, he should know better yes but no president will ever be good enough no matter what they do so Good Luck Biden until they find your fault and flaws too.

Melissa  said:
on Wednesday 27-Jan-21 08:53 AM
All the best for Joe Biden. Once a bad loser always a loser

Franzelle Ekron  said:
on Tuesday 26-Jan-21 02:50 PM
BAD LOSER. Good luck Biden hope he does better.

Alexis  said:
on Monday 25-Jan-21 04:52 PM
It really does not surprise me to say the least. Regardless of losing, one should always walk away with some sense of dignity, and for him not to even bother, just shows you what type of person that he really is.

Tayla  said:
on Monday 25-Jan-21 09:06 AM
He is a horrible loser. Joe Biden will do a much better job.

Nicolene Rich  said:
on Monday 25-Jan-21 08:39 AM
Very interesting! Donald Trump is indeed a poor loser. I'm sorry to say, but I'm glad he is gone. I could not stand him for some reason. All the best to the new President Joe Biden.

kendall  said:
on Monday 25-Jan-21 08:38 AM
He is a terrible loser. He has turned people who used to be his supporters, against him. I am sure Joe Biden will do a much better job. Anyone is better than Trump!

Ziyanda  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 04:39 PM
I am just happy that he is gone and all the best to Joe Biden!!!!

Danielle  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 04:30 PM
Sorry to Donald Trump the sore loser & Good luck Biden hope he does better.

Roxanne Rautenbach  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 03:05 PM
Wow this was an interesting read. I'm not really a follower of politics and don't really take interest in what they do but tradition is tradition and I think they should follow it.

Jessica  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 02:08 PM
I honestly liked Trump. He was direct whether people liked it or not. However this is disappointing to hear. I didn't think he would be petty like this. Good luck Biden. I can't wait to hear how bad of a president you are next.

Ashleigh De Villiers  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 02:00 PM
Sore losers do have very competitive personality traits and they should also learn that they cannot always win. He is a very successful man and should be thankful for that. Some people are losing the only family members and the job's that they have in their lives daily.

Henrietta  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 12:41 PM
He is the definition of a BAD LOSER. OMW I was absolutely embarrassed on his behalf when I heard on the news he is the first president since 1869 who was not there for the next president's inauguration. Disgusting and I think he just shown the world what an absolutely sore loser he really is and that he can not stand not to win. He'll definitely be one of those presidents in year to come people will still talk about him and not in the good way or sense. Well as David said, Good Riddance

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 11:13 AM
Such a baby...I actually liked him, but now just seeing his face annoys me. He made such a joke of himself.

Megan  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 10:51 AM
If you accept second best all the time then you are not competitive, watch what happens in this socialistic democracy that is unfolding. All the best for the new President Joe Biden and America, I wish Kamala well too.

Lucretia  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 09:42 AM
Donald Trump is an idiot. He has the face you want to high-five with your fist. There is a new wine out now called "The Trump Wine", it's made with sour grapes........

Michelle B  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 09:39 AM
Goodbye, and good riddance

Victoria  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 09:34 AM
Trump is a sore loser and we have all seen his true colours. I think it is extremely rude and disrespectful that Trump was not at the inauguration for Joe Biden. I wish Joe Biden all the best and I'm sure he will do 100 times better then Trump has done.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 08:39 AM
He surely did not handle losing the election the way other presidents have. I wonder what he will be doing next - he is quite entertaining.

Clare  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 08:37 AM
I must agree with you a very very poor loser. I would of though he would of had more pride in himself. This man has always had such ugly manner.

melandre  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 08:37 AM
Poor Trump, once again only revealing his true colors, lacking propriety and decency. Tut tut, how desperate must he be to invite is critics and people he had fired.

Lauren  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 08:15 AM
For someone that's in the public eye so often and who held the position that he did, Trump really lacks decorum.

david  said:
on Friday 22-Jan-21 07:08 AM
his 21 gun salute
his self congratulatory, very repetitive speech
his presidential jet taking off to the sounds of frank sinatra's 'my way' blaring across the runway.
an absolute farce of a spectacle.
a joke of a president that took some members of my own family an embarassingly long time to cotton on to...
good riddance and thank god an adult is in charge again.


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