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Getting for vaccines

With a fourth vaccine about to be approved, in a number of countries, and that is excluding the Russian one – Sputnik - it is time for preparation for the administration of vaccines.  It is altogether one thing for a particular city or area to be given 2,000 doses of a vaccine and it is another one to distribute that in time to people.  It is likely to be a nightmare unless this is done properly with a co-ordinated approach and preferably one website where one can go to. 

Firstly, we have to remember that different people will be entitled to be vaccinated at different time – obviously preference has to be given to the elderly, the very sick and the very overweight.  They are all more at risk.  So qualifying the people is one thing, but it is another thing altogether, once you have qualified them, to allow them to book and I have been looking at how different countries have done this and not all of that co-ordinated and put together – so hopefully SA, which is a bit behind on the vaccines, compared to America where 18% of the population has already had one dose of the vaccine, and the UK, and maybe improve on that distribution of the vaccines once they start becoming available. 

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sandra  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 07:25 AM
I think South Africa has a long way to go. I am still hopeful we will catch up with the world.

Kayla  said:
on Wednesday 07-Apr-21 01:58 PM
I think its going to take some time before everyone can receive a vaccine, well those who give consent to it. My Cousin who is a nurse got his the other day and he seems to be fine. Had no serious side effects. So will see how South Africa performs in terms of this.

Franzelle   said:
on Tuesday 06-Apr-21 02:40 PM
I don't think that everyone will get the vaccine. South Africa is always behind with everything.

Prishani  said:
on Tuesday 06-Apr-21 01:51 PM
I really hope our government has a solid vaccine roll out plan, I know we can expect that there will be some issues along the way. At the moment I know we are already facing delays and set backs.

Helen  said:
on Thursday 01-Apr-21 03:56 PM
I think couple of years will pass and then we might see this vaccine in SA. Rather just to stay away from the virus and follow all the rules.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 31-Mar-21 04:54 PM
When in hospital the other day, of course first line have already received the vaccine, and said that it was not too bad and had no side effects at all, but I suppose it will vary from person to person

Sinead  said:
on Wednesday 31-Mar-21 04:42 PM
The distribution of vaccines in SA is incredibly slow. According to the president however, "We are on track." The second phase is apparently starting in May?
I heard somewhere that it will take about 18 years to vaccinate everyone??

Megan  said:
on Tuesday 30-Mar-21 09:20 AM
I think its difficult for South Africans to trust a lot of things done in the country, with the amount of corruption, can you really trust the vaccines coming in anyway even with the delays as per usual for our country. Personally wouldn't get the vaccine anytime soon and I agree with Melissa, its your body so it should be your choice.

Claudia B  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 03:40 PM
I don't think that everyone will get the vaccine, I have heard about some horrible after-effects on some vaccines. I also don't think that we will make target end 2021.

Melissa van Tellingen  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 10:44 AM
I just hate this topic. Who will get it, Who won't? Point is, as stated, we are so far behind so many countries, I'm hoping by then people will open their eyes, It is after all your body and therefore it should your decision.

Danielle  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 09:38 AM
I know that South Africa is behind with the Vaccines but will will wait and see what is the outcome. I don't want to say that I will not take the Vaccines because we do not know what tomorrow holds.

Lourien  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 09:33 AM
I know a few people that already got vaccinated for Covid due to their profession as they are health workers. This is a very slow process in South Africa at the moment and I am not sure how long it would take to implement the vaccines for the rest of the people waiting.

Brenda Strydom  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 08:45 AM
I must say I don't think I will ever take this vaccine. I will rather walk with my mask on because all the stories about the vaccine is scary.

Michelle D  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 08:35 AM
Well South Africa hasn't actually officially started their vaccine rollout. I had an interesting conversation with my Doctor about it. The vaccines that have been given thus far form part of the the J&J vaccine trial. The J&J vaccine has not yet been formally registered with the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority. Our government likes to portray that they have started this nation wide rollout when in actual fact this is not the case.

Bronwyn  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 08:20 AM
I know a few people have received the vaccine already and we did not get any negative feedback, hopefully it stays that way, but I do not think i would be taking the vaccine.

Lauren  said:
on Monday 29-Mar-21 07:41 AM
The distribution of the vaccine has been quite a challenge in SA. I read that we will not be meeting our target by the end of 2021. This concerns me.

Nikita  said:
on Friday 26-Mar-21 02:25 PM
It is interesting to read how divided people are on the issue of whether or not they would take the vaccine. Luckily those of us in South Africa that are not priority status have a while to assess the side effects of the vaccine because the roll out to the general population is still such a long way away. I think if we expect our essential workers to take the jab so that they can continue to do their essential work then we should not think of ourselves any better. Taking the jab is the least we can do.

Chante  said:
on Friday 26-Mar-21 09:37 AM
Even though a certain percentage of the population should be vaccinated health care workers should definitely get preference, they are the ones constantly exposed to the virus and after having all health care workers vaccinated and safe, then other people can be vaccinated as you mention the elderly and sickly people, etc.

Victoria  said:
on Thursday 25-Mar-21 02:07 PM
South Africa is behind a lot of Countries regarding a lot of different things, but we are definitely far behind regarding vaccines. With all the media and news regarding the vaccine its very confusing as to what you should do or if you should even get the vaccine. It will take a long time before people who are not at risk to get a vaccine. I hope for the world that this vaccine works and helps with this terrible virus.

fikile  said:
on Thursday 25-Mar-21 11:33 AM
Currently I don't want the vaccine as we haven't been told if anyone has died from it and why is it not allowed in other countries, the is something fishy about this vaccine. Yes South Africa is very slow in everything and has alot of this that other countries don't like about it and it is forever going to be behind in everything

Melissa  said:
on Thursday 25-Mar-21 10:00 AM
I don't think I will ever take this vaccine as we don't know if this is the actual vaccine. So I will rather take my chances and walk around with a mask than getting the vaccine

Nicolene Rich  said:
on Wednesday 24-Mar-21 11:57 AM
A few health care workers already got their vaccines. I don't think I will ever get this vaccine. I don't trust it at all and in SA there's so much corruption going on and you not sure which vaccines are actually legit.

Ziyanda  said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 04:40 PM
I think that South Africa still has a long way to go with distributing the vaccines. I just hope that by June all the high risk individuals would have been vaccinated.

Michelle B  said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 01:19 PM
I think South African citizens who are not considered "high risk" are a far way away from receiving the vaccine.

Roxanne Rautenbach  said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 11:24 AM
Its crazy how behind SA is but it because they are still fighting on who is going to get the tender, everything this country does has to benefit their pockets before they even consider this. Its pathetic how SA is run!

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 09:15 AM
I know that our health care workers have started to receive the vaccines. But as always, South Africa is a little behind the curve.

Marchinique  said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 08:53 AM
I personally wouldn't take the vaccine. I think everyone has their own opinions about the vaccine and covid-19 and some people still think that Covid-19 doesn't exist.(which isn't true)
There is a lot of other methods and medicine people have taken from home, which helped them get better after getting covid-19 and they even survived it - they didn't take the vaccine.
So we will have to wait and see whether SA has its third wave or if the number of covid cases decrease.

Zindy Kruger  said:
on Tuesday 23-Mar-21 08:02 AM
Fourth Vaccine is almost out and South Africa has not even had its third wave. Winter is slowly approaching, I do think this years numbers with slowly start spiking now again and not many have had the first vaccine yet, I don't know what the future has in store we can just hope that people abides by the rules for everyone's safety as people don't care much for the social distancing anymore and are letting their guard down.


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