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Apple releases iOS 14.5

Apple has released the latest version of its operating system and this one has some very interesting changes.  It gives support to the new AirTag and implements Apple’s new app tracking transparency requirement. This requirement forces developers to ask for permission to track users for ad targeting.  When this was first announced, Facebook was very unhappy about it, saying that it will hurt small businesses that need to track what sites you visit.  From an individual point of view, it is about time that something like this was developed.   iOS 14.5 also allows one, at long last, to change Siri’s voice.  I wonder what the extent of downloads around the world are each time Apple launches a major upgrade?  

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Prishani  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 11:36 AM
I think this is a great feature and really assists with safety and security. I am sure many companies weren’t happy with this!

Kathryn  said:
on Thursday 27-May-21 07:18 AM
A much needed update, privacy of users should be of paramount importance. I am sure Samsung and the like will follow with a similar update in due course.

Nicolle  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 09:03 AM
Hectic! Technology keeps getting smarter and smarter.

Sune  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 08:43 AM
This is why Apple is taking the lead in their industry, always trying to improve and make the experience better for their customers.

Kayla  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 08:39 AM
Apple remains the best for me. They really have their clients interests at heart and make life much easier. I will never be able to go back to any other brand.

fikile  said:
on Friday 14-May-21 11:29 AM
The is always something interesting when it comes to Apple and yet the is always someone wanting to challenge Apple and yet Apple does something unexpected all the time. I can't wait to get it on my phone.

Chante  said:
on Wednesday 12-May-21 08:50 AM
Apple has new release quite frequently, they develop new technology much faster than other brands. I would like to know how many more functions this new version of iPhone has.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 11-May-21 09:43 AM
Apple is definitely stepping it up and they are just better. I'm really happy that I made the move to iPhone.

Melissa  said:
on Monday 10-May-21 03:13 PM
Apple will always be one step ahead of others and it doesn't really make a difference to me as a phone is a phone. For me it's also just a money making story

lauren  said:
on Friday 07-May-21 08:37 AM
This is a welcome upgrade. I honestly disliked that businesses could track users for ad purposes. Apple keeps giving reasons to remain loyal to the brand.

Megan  said:
on Tuesday 04-May-21 11:44 AM
That's such great news! not to be bombarded with ads that you have no interest in. I'm glad I decided to get an iPhone when I did then.

Roxanne  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 12:03 PM
I've never owned an apple product or do i want one, i have heard a lot complaints with the Apple phones, I'm glad they came up with this new development, however i will wait until Samsung brings it into effect.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 10:52 AM
Apple is great! They are truly going to do amazing things with their tech, it is quite evident.

BRONWYN  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 08:07 AM
This is a great upgrade, Apple Always finds a way to be ahead of its competitors

sandra  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 07:05 AM
Yoh but Apple likes to upgrade. However, people that love their Apple will enjoy the fact that they can now use another voice other than Siri, although that was the original voice behind Apple.

Danielle  said:
on Friday 30-Apr-21 04:52 PM
I have never been a fan of apple but this sounds like a very good release. This will be grate for the people that enjoy the new technology.

zandelee  said:
on Friday 30-Apr-21 02:11 PM
The thing I love about Apple is how it stays at least two years ahead of its competitors. Apple truly only creates an app or a product if it can do it better as it's competitor

Ziyanda  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 04:29 PM
I do not own an iPhone but this sounds really cool and if I could afford one, I would definitely get one.

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 03:57 PM
I think that the changes they have made are really great and will definitely make the customers even happier because of these changes. I love my iPhone wouldn't change it for anything else. Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user. I don't think I would enjoy any other brand of phone like I enjoy the iPhone.

Helen  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 09:37 AM
Apple phone is not very affordable for South African market, you would find more support in Europe and America - the price of this phone will not be as high as in SA.
Would love to have latest Apple phone though but will not be able to pay R 1800 a month - crazy!!!

Michelle B  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 09:31 AM
This is actually really cool. I am not an Apple fan but this deserves recognition. I do hope that Android will follow suit.

david  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 09:12 AM
i know that apple is a massive tech company, and that they have a monumental number of fans/supporters/buyers of their products. many people like apple products, and it follows that apple's investors do well too. well done, and congratulations to them all! but, no thanks, not for me.

Sarah  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 09:11 AM
I have never been interested in apple but thier shares are growing, those peole that bought shares are smiling a lot. But iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.5 also introduce a long-needed workaround for using Face ID when wearing a mask, support for the new AirTag accessory, several changes aimed at making experiences within the software more inclusive for a diverse user base, new Siri features and voices, and changes to the Reminders, News, Music, and Podcasts apps, among other things.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 08:57 AM
Never have I been more tempted to own an iPhone now that you mention the fact that permission needs to be given to track data. Something like this should have been developed a long time ago!

Nicolene Rich  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 08:56 AM
I am using an Apple and I loved it. As per my previous comments on Apple blogs the battery doesn't last etc. which is not worth it. I'd rather have a phone that lasts the whole day without charging and not giving so much problems.

Lucretia  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 08:43 AM
I do not own an Apple but with the changes it is making Kudos to it. I hate random sales calls and I truly hope the other brands follow suit.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 08:25 AM
Have never and will never be into Apple. Prefer other brands, but then again, one can never say never

Michael  said:
on Wednesday 28-Apr-21 08:22 AM
Its been the best phone in the world for years and those that bought Apple shares are smiling...


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