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AirTag – stop losing things

Apple has really come out with a product that a lot of elderly people need - who seem to lose things all the time - and I am including myself!  It is a little button that at $29 each you connect your keys or your back pack and you will be able to find them on the Find My App.  It will allow you the option of playing a sound on the built-in speaker on the button, so you can follow the sound until you find what is hidden and it will also give you a little arrow on your phone pointing in the direction of where you should head and approximately how far away you are.  You will be able to use Siri to say things like, “Hey Siri, find my keys”.  I currently use my AppleWatch for a similar purpose – pinging my phone all the time to find out where I have lost my phone.  The whole system will not work very well for me if I cannot find my phone in the first place!

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Jolene   said:
on Friday 04-Jun-21 08:46 AM
We all misplace our stuff from time to time, I think it is a great product.

Zandelee  said:
on Friday 04-Jun-21 08:26 AM
I have read that there has been some concerns that these devices are being used to secretly track people without their knowledge. They are currently busy with some tweaks to the devices to make it more privacy-conscious for users. Its good to see that Apple is addressing these concerns as this is really a useful gadget to have in one's daily life.

Ruby  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 06:49 PM
You have to admit that at some point in our lives, we all thought about this idea. Thanks to Apple for finally taking initiative !

Nicolle  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 12:33 PM
This is A-Maz-Ing! More often than not, keys and such are in plain sight, but so easily overlooked when frantically looking for them.

Prishani  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 11:39 AM
This is really amazing, I don't think just elderly people will make use of this, I can count myself in for having a nifty tool like this!

Brenda Strydom  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 11:38 AM
I think this is great . Technology is amazing and its improving everyday. I would most definitely get one.

Sune  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 10:41 AM
Once again technology is making our lives just a bit easier.

Ashleigh De Villiers  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 10:31 AM
Huawei better work on something like this as I would personally utilize it quite often. Keys and lighters are always misplaced.

sarah  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 10:25 AM
This could not just be for elderly people, I need this tag. I am forever misplacing my car key and house keys. Technology is improving everyday

Dasanya  said:
on Thursday 03-Jun-21 09:49 AM
This is a very innovative device however such a pity that it would only be useful to those using Apple devices. It is also known to make a sound when locating the missing object which would definitely be useful if for instance your phone is on silent

Lourien  said:
on Tuesday 01-Jun-21 09:24 AM
Its amazing how technology is improving. We really need to stay on top of all the technological changes happening each day.

We can only imagen what the next apps might have installed for us.

Sinead  said:
on Tuesday 01-Jun-21 08:45 AM
I actually saw this a while ago as an idea... I must admit, it would be great if you're able to have your phone on you at all times ='''D
I'm definitely one to forget where I last left my phone. And it happens more often than not!
It's also quite an expensive little gadget to own if your keys aren't the only thing you lose.

Brumilde  said:
on Tuesday 01-Jun-21 08:06 AM
Sounds very cool! I hope it works for some at least, but other will want it just for the brand. I am not a big apple fan. I used to be when they 1st started but they changed allot during the years

Zindy Kruger  said:
on Tuesday 01-Jun-21 07:47 AM
That is a very nifty idea for another gimmick. Hopefully if the elderly use it they remember to keep it charged or a new battery in.

Daniella  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 10:25 AM
This wouldn't benefit me - I rarely misplace my things. However maybe when I'm older and a lot more forgetful I will surely start looking at getting things like this.

david  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 09:53 AM
very clever.
i also have a clever trick.
it's called a key rack and it hangs by the front door.
it's a bit old tech, but works like a bomb!
the wallet, i hear you say.
too easy.
i ask my wife to give it back!

Kayla  said:
on Wednesday 26-May-21 08:41 AM
I think this is a great feature and can help so many people. I would definitely invest in one of these.

Shristi  said:
on Tuesday 25-May-21 05:22 PM
I would most definitely get one! It seems like a really cool product that will help not just the old but all of us as I am sure we all are constantly misplacing out keys, phones etc. Technology just makes life so much easier!

fikile  said:
on Friday 14-May-21 11:05 AM
This is a good device and is going to help a lot of people who always miss place things.

Chante  said:
on Wednesday 12-May-21 08:53 AM
This sounds amazing, even though I'm young I often forget where I put my keys, etc. It would definitely be a benefit to everyone to have this function on their phone.

Nicolene Rich  said:
on Tuesday 11-May-21 12:02 PM
Wow this is incredible. I will have to get one of them, especially with the Twins hiding car keys etc. or throwing stuff out of the windows at home.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 11-May-21 09:46 AM
This is really amazing, I would definitely get one of them.

Melissa  said:
on Monday 10-May-21 03:17 PM
Once again a making money story, it's always better to put your belongings where it should be so that you don't have to use an app to find stuff

Jessica  said:
on Friday 07-May-21 10:49 AM
I think that when one buys a new car, that this should be one of the gifts attached to the car key. That is one of the things that go missing all the time. And remotes actually for your gate lol.

lauren  said:
on Friday 07-May-21 08:51 AM
Once again technology is making life just a tad bit easier. I cannot imagine a life where we do not have all these devices assisting us.

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Thursday 06-May-21 03:28 PM
As indicated before, Technology is going to rule our lives with all sorts of reminders and gadgets. It is a very good product and am sure it will move off the shelves quickly. Am just worried as to how many gadgets a person can manage.

Helen  said:
on Thursday 06-May-21 08:29 AM
Very interesting and useful invention. I think if this app was available for all the phone operating systems, lots of people would be consider making use of it.
Does not really matter the age, we all are forgetful some times.
We have created a place in our house for all the keys, so all the keys we are hanging in one place, and the rule is no one is allowed just leave keys lying around, so when we are looking for key, we know where to find it!

Michelle B  said:
on Tuesday 04-May-21 01:00 PM
How innovative. I would love to get my hands on one of these.

Angelique  said:
on Tuesday 04-May-21 12:00 PM
I wouldn't call myself old but I always, always misplace my keys. To the point where in the morning I end up looking or using my spare car key. I misplace my house keys in my house all the time too. Sounds great! But really, this is a luxury lol.

Ziyanda  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 04:46 PM
This is amazing...I would definitely buy one!!!

Victoria  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 12:54 PM
This is really amazing and I think a lot of people will buy this product. It will make finding things a whole lot easier and quicker. This is a well thought of product.

Danielle  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 12:11 PM
This sounds wonderful to have seeing that I misplace so much things.

Franzelle Ekron  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 12:10 PM
Wow that's an amazing invention, technology is wonderful.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 11:48 AM
Oh my word, what else are they going to make?

Roxanne  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 11:23 AM
Wow that's an amazing invention. i think i need one of these because i constantly loses everything, including my phone, i need an implant to help me find things because if i lose my phone i wont be able to find anything

Megan  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 10:20 AM
I think this is a great product for any age, I really hope its not another product that requires bluetooth to function as this will be completely pointless if the item extends the bluetooth max range...

Alexis  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 09:52 AM
This is probably one of the best things ever made. Young or old, we all seem to misplace out stuff and spend a lot of time trying to search for it

Lucretia  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 09:50 AM
I need an AirTag for my pen which I am constantly losing on my desk while I am sitting at my desk.................please tell me I am not alone with this annoying habit.

Clare  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 09:41 AM
Technology is wonderful, I need this device for my car keys. I can never find my keys actually my phone lives on my table and I never remember where I leave to, but amazingly my son always knows where my stuff is.. We are all getting old Michael don't feel alone.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Monday 03-May-21 08:56 AM
I am always misplacing things! I need this!

BRONWYN  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 08:05 AM
This is quit an interesting Product, this will be very helpful not only for the elderly but everyone

sandra  said:
on Monday 03-May-21 07:03 AM
Sounds cool. I did read about this. Should be helpful to those who constantly lose their keys. Also, not a bad price considering...


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