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Load shedding and elections

It can hardly be convenient for the ruling party, the ANC,  to see a power crisis just ahead of the elections.  That is what we have though with stage 4 load shedding and just the time when people are getting ready to go to the polls.  The situation with Eskom is nothing short of a disaster and it reminds one in many instances of the problems with the Road Accident Fund.  Eskom though is much more critical to our economy and there seems to be a tremendous issue in taking the necessary steps to get it working properly.  One gets the sense that we will have to live with this, ever worsening, for years and years before the situation is going to be rectified.  It is fine to say that Eskom will have 100 mobile generators ready to help voting stations, but what about all the businesses that have been put out of business because of a lack of electricity or load shedding?

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Ashleigh  said:
on Tuesday 30-Nov-21 07:22 AM
Loadshedding happens so often that we might as well start learning how to live without electricity. The quicker we can start learning, the better for us because I do not see this coming to an end in this country....

Chante  said:
on Thursday 11-Nov-21 08:26 AM
It is truly pathetic that load shedding has been taking place for so long and that Eskom still has not found a solution for the problem. It is time for them to solve the problem.

Daniella  said:
on Wednesday 10-Nov-21 02:27 PM
Loadshedding is the pits! I really cant understand how after so many years, nobody can figure out how to sort out the issues. Ridiculous!

fikile  said:
on Friday 05-Nov-21 01:57 PM
You can't have corrupt people to run the country and expect everything to run smoothly, the ANC has showed us all that they enjoy killing us and this is nothing to what they plan on doing if they continue to be leading the country. Eskom will never change until the people stand up and say "We have heard enough of this government it's time for change". Load shedding will never end

Melissa  said:
on Friday 05-Nov-21 09:22 AM
Loadshedding will never stop, it is literally a never ending story, full of lies and corruption.

Henrietta  said:
on Thursday 04-Nov-21 10:14 AM
I feel like everyone who voted for ANC should have load shedding, People complain and moan but don't even vote to try and make a difference and majority still voted for ANC, why why why would you after 27 years of false promising still vote ANC? This is beyond me I really am battling to understand how your brain is working if you voted ANC. They promise Jobs, how and where are they going to create jobs? Load shedding is like a normality for us now, even my 4 year old know when its load shedding he just say "die stoute oom het die krag af gesit" I mean how many year have load shedding been part of us now and when will it ever stop?

Bronwyn  said:
on Thursday 04-Nov-21 08:49 AM
In my area we did not have water or electricity even on the day of elections, in the past month we had outages nearly daily.

Sinead  said:
on Tuesday 02-Nov-21 12:21 PM
It's amazing how there was no loadshedding scheduled for the weekend leading up to the elections. They specifically worked around the elections.
So how is it that we are still experiencing loadshedding at all?
If they can suspend it for one weekend, why can't they suspend it indefinitely?

Ziyanda  said:
on Tuesday 02-Nov-21 12:05 PM
Obviously they would arrange that there be power at the voting stations... only for us to sit in darkness after that. I am so over Eskom, Load shedding and the ANC

Mary   said:
on Tuesday 02-Nov-21 09:48 AM
loadshedding must be sorted out, i recently have adopted to take everything out of the plugs when am not home.

Jessica  said:
on Tuesday 02-Nov-21 08:57 AM
I just can not believe they just can't get this loadshedding sorted out once and for all. I mean this has been going on for years and yet still no solutions.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 02-Nov-21 07:56 AM
Load shedding is nothing new, it is very stressful when trying to get to work and making dinner at night. I don't think that this will change anytime soon.

Mbali  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:44 PM
I don't think we should be experiencing load shedding in general, let alone the claims of it being used as a political voting tool.

thembi  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:42 PM
Load shedding is our daily bread now, it even burn our electric appliances. But Monday we wont have load shedding because we going to Vote. Ruling party it will go to Medupi to stop them for sake of Voting.

Casandra  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:38 PM
Eskom is quick to create a one day solution incase of load-shedding but fails when it comes to our long term problems which is not just affecting our households but other small businesses out there...and for how many years now
Eskom is just a special child in all honesty

Danielle  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:33 PM
Load shedding can be so stressful when trying to get to work & School on time trying to get your children from aftercare its just crazy. I doubt that anything will change anytime soon by any party because people are more worried about filling their pockets than making life just a little more stress free.

Shalane  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:28 PM
I don't see load shedding being a thing of the past in the near future especially after the elections. We've had to live with it for years so which ever Political party wins does it really mean it will be an end to load shedding...we'll have to wait and see.

Roxanne Rautenbach  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 04:10 PM
I really hope this time around South African's will wake up and finally vote for a party that has the countries best interests in mind and not their pockets.

Masilo Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 03:13 PM
Reality of the matter is that Eskom is mudding the water for the Anc. It is making the situation even worse for the ruling party. As a result of this debacle i see the ruling party loosing one or two metros here is Gauteng like JHB. You can not win Jhb metro without Soweto.

Helen  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 12:37 PM
I do not think, that there is a hope that there will be any changes for better. This elections we will be voting in the dark, next one will be no electricity and no water.
But there are so many promises, empty promises....

Victoria Dougans  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 12:25 PM
Load shedding is a nightmare and it isn't going to get any better. I hope that these elections coming up will bring change and positivity.

Megan  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 11:35 AM
Every time elections come around, we hope for the best but expect the worst. After everything that's happened these past two years regarding covid, I truly hope people open their eyes to the way the country has deteriorated, complete joke and this needs to change!

Dasanya Naicker  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 10:11 AM
Load Shedding was first introduced in 2007and in 14 years the Government has not managed to rectify the situation but instead has allowed it to get progressively worse to the point that its going to cost a ridiculous amount to get things right and that is, if we can even get things right. As tired as South Africans are, I just hope the voting refects this!

Marisce Van Zyl  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:51 AM
Hopefully we wont have to just live through the Eskom era but that there would finally be significant changes

lauren  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:45 AM
Load shedding is a real problem for small service businesses and no one will replace that money you lost out on during that time. I do not foresee the ANC doing too well at the polls in light of this crisis and how they dealt with funds during Covid.

Shona Lee Baggott  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:45 AM
as long as they are in power the worse our country will get. period.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:44 AM
And to now only come up with a new system, it is too late. It should have been implemented decades ago so that we were not put in this situation in the first place. I see a shift coming, and one can only hope that it will be for the better. Fuel is at R20/l, which means everything else is going to go up. People are struggling as it is....

Melissa Van Tellingen  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:28 AM
This week has been so overwhelming with the load shedding. I drove to work - Load shedding. Drove back home - Load shedding! It is EXTREMELY frustrating and one of the reason why I want to leave this country!

Clare van Vuuren  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:21 AM
I cant stand this load shedding, ANC stands for - Another Night with Candles. I hope this will show people that we really need change in this country. I really hope it gets better. I can say that it has help get my children into bed earlier :)

david  said:
on Friday 29-Oct-21 09:16 AM
i object, in the most strenuous terms, to you calling this load shedding.
call it what it is: "a better life for all"


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