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Using the sun

South Africa’s problems with electricity never cease to amaze me.  Basically, for years, nothing has been done and all that happens is the situation gets worse.  This, in a country that gets huge amounts of sun, and I have written on my blog before, that the obvious solution is staring us in the face – solar power.  I cannot understand why, even to this day (as I wrote years ago), the government has not embarked on a massive solar strategy, giving tax incentives and help, to create a new industry in SA of fitting out houses and businesses on a massive scale with solar power.  Our population keeps growing, the electricity situation is not going to get any better, and this is certainly one of the ways that the problem could and should have been tackled ages ago.  Instead, we spend money burning coal and polluting the environment and giving everybody more load shedding more often when we could and should have been a world leader in solar power.   

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Sinead  said:
on Friday 10-Mar-23 04:59 PM
I keep saying the same thing to people I come across.
We are so far behind on energy solutions.
I hear about wind and hydro energy in other countries. That is obviously where their countries thrive, but ours would definitely be solar.
I heard someone on the radio saying that you could reap the rewards from solar in 4 years... That's not as long as we think it is.
What about lightning energy?

Roxanne  said:
on Friday 10-Feb-23 02:23 PM
The Government will never use the money for what it is intended for, they don't care whether everyone has power as long as their pockets are full and their power is on, that all that concerns them.

Shenell  said:
on Wednesday 08-Feb-23 08:22 AM
This is South Africa, will things ever change?

Daniella  said:
on Tuesday 07-Feb-23 02:29 PM
Solar is the simplest and most effective solution, I can't wrap my mind around the fact that throughout all these years there has been no actual efforts to actually better the situation.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 03-Feb-23 04:37 PM
It could be as simple as that, yes. However, this is South Africa and therefore would never be that simple.

Ashleigh  said:
on Thursday 02-Feb-23 09:56 AM
It is so frustrating to know that nothing in South Africa is ever taken seriously especially when we know how this issue can cause chaos. Things like this are taken so lightly until it is too much to deal with and a little too late to sort out.

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 01:01 PM
This issue is that our government is more worried about filling their pockets then actually fixing the issue. The DA is requesting that President Ramaphosa call on a family meeting and advise what they are going to do to sort this issue. And actually do it.

Jessica  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 12:31 PM
I recently went to Cape Town for my cousins wedding. They already started with all the solar panels as they already trying to get off the grid. We saw the huge solar panels on the mountains. Not everyone is as fast and efficient I guess.

Bianca Niemann  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 12:25 PM
And yet, consumers are expected to pay more for a service that is not being provided. Loadshedding, cable theft, unit failures are all part of our day-to-day. The worst thing is that is seems as though most of us have just accepted this. It's infuriating, but not at all surprising that our government cannot even keep our lights on. Using solar power is the obvious solution, however, our government never goes for solutions that won't enrich them immensely.

Jennefer Hart  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 09:51 AM
With corrupt governance and political adversities, I doubt the forward-thinking will be integrated. One can only hope for the development of this country.

Casandra Harvie  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 09:32 AM
Not only is it affecting homes, but businesses as well as the small ones too and yet still to this day not one solution has been provided.
Not everyone can afford a generator or to even keep it running for long periods of time.

Fikile  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 09:14 AM
The government will always fail when it comes to fixing the problems in South Africa, it's even worse that none of the people that have to fight for us even want to fight because they get paid to keep quite. Electricity is a huge problem for South Africa and it won't stop not now, not ever

shona  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 08:59 AM
although sun is free, its an increase in the opportunity of theft

david  said:
on Wednesday 01-Feb-23 08:58 AM
remember the bumper stickers saying 'would the last one to leave turn off the lights'?
now everyone who can is leaving BECAUSE THERE'RE NO LIGHTS!!!


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