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Self-driving cars

Tesla recently activated it self-driving software in a beta version, in America.  In other words, a feature that would allow the car itself to drive the whole way home from say, a nightclub.    That could be really effective in reducing accidents from drinking.  There is obviously a long way to go and no doubt deaths and mistakes that will occur while the software improves.  There is an even longer way to go before those types of cars and software are common in cars in SA, but adaptation of electric cars and self-driving software is way ahead of schedule in America and of course that will spread to SA ultimately.

Self-driving cars are something that has been predicted for a long time and it is one of those cases where technology has actually been slower than forecast. Tesla, by way of example, has been threatening to release that software for years now and even settled some court cases where people said they were misled into paying extra money for certain features when they were not available.  Well, they are now, and the cars use cameras and other technologies to identify pedestrians, cars, stop signs, traffic lights and all the other obstacles that one typically finds on the roads.  There will always be those luddites who will be against those technologies, and perhaps even claim they are dangerous, but at the end of the day, particularly in a country like SA where the death toll on our roads is so high, one can only hope for the day when the majority of cars are being self-driven and not in the hands of some of our taxi drivers and other drivers!

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Alexis  said:
on Thursday 16-Mar-23 12:16 PM
"Autopilot vehicles are more likely to crash than cars operated by humans: per million miles, self-driving cars have 9.1 accidents, compared to 4.1 for manually operated vehicles. But these accidents occur more often at lower speeds, meaning autonomous vehicles result in fewer fatal accidents"

I think that they still have some ways to go before I will trust a self-driving vehicle. I do not drive, so this would be perfect for me. The problem with SA, is the unpredictability of the road users, esp taxis

Lauren  said:
on Wednesday 01-Mar-23 09:05 AM
I completely support technology moving forward and making life easier for us however, still a bit on the fence about these self-driving cars.

Danielle  said:
on Tuesday 28-Feb-23 05:04 PM
This will be very nice to sit back and relax so many people are angry on the roads because of the Loadshedding. but might not work in SA

Casandra  said:
on Friday 24-Feb-23 03:08 PM
This would be interesting.
I could easily catch a power nap on the way to work.

Roxanne  said:
on Thursday 23-Feb-23 11:53 AM
The increasing use of computer technology in transportation will provide us with much greater levels of safety and reliability--saving potentially millions of lives, and make personal travel and organizational shipping more cost effective. However I will only personally use it once the masses has tried it first, Otherwise my husband will continue to be my Uber as I have a fear of driving

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 22-Feb-23 01:01 PM
This is amazing, awesome. I can't wait. I would use this to drive me everywhere, only if it safe and I will not get in an accident. But I don't like driving. But I think a flying car would of been better so i can fly to work everyday.

franzelle  said:
on Wednesday 22-Feb-23 09:26 AM
I think this will be good for the bad traffic, but i agree with Bianca Taljaard, will not feel comfortable to sit back and trust the technology

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Wednesday 22-Feb-23 09:11 AM
I will not feel comfortable at all, don't see how one can just sit back and count on technology

Ashleigh  said:
on Wednesday 22-Feb-23 08:46 AM
This would be great to especially have a break from driving but I am not too sure if it would be something that could work in SA. Imagine this car dealing with the Taxi's on our roads and lets not even start on the load shedding with the robots. Will probably lengthen travel time from all the stop and go. Road Rage would certainly be heightened.

Jessica Moller  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 09:38 AM
I don't know if I would ever feel okay with being driven around in a car like that. I would like to see how it drives but not be the one in it;

Shenell  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 08:44 AM
This would be amazing if it could be implemented in SA eventually. Hopefully these types of cars will look out for potholes and cars skipping the red light!

Bianca Niemann  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 08:33 AM
People aren't doing too great of a job at driving, so maybe this is exactly what we need. If we can reduce the amount of for example drunk drivers, the accident rate and death toll is sure to reduce significantly. Hopefully these cars can dodge the potholes on our roads as well.

Jennefer Hart  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 07:52 AM
This will be a terrific enhancement in SA, it will drastically reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur due to reckless driving and poor common sense.

david  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 07:31 AM
haven't had a drink in years, but is my youth i would have had that thing on auto pilot full time!!!

shona  said:
on Tuesday 21-Feb-23 07:27 AM
This would be absolutely wonderful for those of us petrified of driving


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